yabo亚博体育客户端: Congratulations on Bid Winning

首页 www.itrutiv.com On May 5th, good news was delivered from the overseas market development of our company. In the form of a consortium, we, together with NORINCO International Cooperation Ltd., won the bidding of Golba

Brief introduction of China Railway Electrification Bureau (Group) Co., Ltd.
China Railway Electrification Bureau (Group) Co., Ltd, known as EEB, was founded in 1958 with the first ever electrified railway–Baoji-Chengdu railway commenced on. It has experienced 56 fantastic years. EEB is one of the key members of China Railway Group Ltd., which is one of the world top 500 enterprises and brand names. It is also the backbone and fore runner of the electrified railway company in China.
During the process of the absorption and innovation of new technology, EEB has formed comprehensive industrial advantages of normal speed and high speed railway traction power supply system, integrated with design, research, manufacturing, installation, and operation & maintenance; fully grasped high speed electrified railway’s design & construction technology system and integration management system; comprehensively mastered development & manufacture technologies of key products of high speed railway traction power system; built a technical platform of high speed railway traction power system with complete intellectual property rights in China; accumulated abundant experience and technology for promoting reconstruction of large scale existing electrified railway with high quality and efficiency; grasped professional technology of railway communication, signaling and disaster prevention systems as well as constructional technology of subgrade, bridge, tunnel, track work etc.
EEB insists on establishing a brand image with construction concept of being “elaborative, meticulous, exquisite and delicate”. EEB has been granted with 2 National Golden Medals and 17 Silver Medals for Projects of excellent Quality, 12 Awards of Zhantianyou Civil Engineering, 13 Awards for Luban Engineering, 4 Medals of 100 year Classical and Qualified Projects on the 60th Anniversary of the Founding of P. R. China , 6 Prizes of Demonstration Project in "Nation-wide Municipal Golden Cup ", 2 Silver Medals for National Power Engineering, 2 Awards for Projects of China Best Installation Quality, 1 Godden Prize for Projects of China Steel Structure...
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